Is Cashblurbs really worth it, or something completely different?

Cashblurbs – a method of promoting your products, affiliate links, and websites… Easily, instantly, and virally. It truly is fun, fast, and FREE! Or so they say… However, is this the one true thing that will get the money rolling in? Or is it just one in a million other schemes to pull in unsuspecting […] continue reading »

Paradise: The Life And times Of JT Dalton

See larger image Paradise: The Life And times Of JT Dalton By (author): Tim Morrison In the style of such Victorian Classics as Autobiography Of A Flea and The Way Of A Man and a Maid, Paradise tells the rise from rags to riches of a man who achieves everything he wants, and then realizes […] continue reading »

Preval Spray System professional painting in a can See larger image Preval 267 Spray Gun Features: – Preval Sprayer Unit, – Glass bottle, – Long dip tube, -Preval Sprayer Unit, -Glass bottle, -Long dip tube Each versatile Preval sprayer is made in the USA and delivers 16oz. of almost any paint or liquid, offering unparalleled versatility for small projects and touch ups. […] continue reading »

Alkaline Water Ionizers that compete with the Kangen brand

See larger image (1) IonPod Stainless Steel Water Ionizer by Healthy Habits (ONE PACK) Features: increases the pH of water to the level nature intended in less than 5 minutes, converts regular drinking water to delicious pH-structured alkaline water proven to reduce acidity and age-related disease, completely portable–take it with you wherever you go, can […] continue reading »

Tzevaot AEOLIAN Steel Drum See larger image Additional Images: Tzevaot AEOLIAN Hand pan 440hz Features: The Aeolian Scale reflects a Dark VS Light for a beautiful balance of energies. The Aeolian is very versatile and great for filling any atmosphere with wonderfully magical sounds., Scale (G) C D E F G Ab Bb C, Highly rust resilient, Secure […] continue reading »

Handpan from Guda Drums – gently tap for incredible sound

See larger image Additional Images: GUDA DRUM Freezbee. Handpan, Steel Tongue Drum Features: Tonus Scale. Custom Scale on request, Materials: stainless steel. Handmade engraving, Steel thickness: 0.06 inch, 4-7 days Expedited Shipping for All Orders. We Ship Worldwide, Find us on Youtube under GUDA DRUM GUDA – unique handmade idiophone (Steel tongue drum), which collects […] continue reading »

Battlefield is Live

Battlefield, a retelling of the erotic story of Kitty Douglas, is now available from Amazon and Google Play. This adult-only story focuses on the BDSM tinged life of Mariah ‘Kitty’ Douglas as she survives trauma and learns to love again in and around the Seattle area. It also features time travel and romance of an […] continue reading »