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Sam I Am – what happens when you get involved in a car accident and get retrograde amnesia? You begin to rebuild your life because you simply don’t remember who you are. If you’ve been mean to people, will thy now forgive and forget? Samantha Newly is about to find out. Starring Christina Applegate from Married with Children As Samantha, this series puts a new twist on the genre started with 50 First Dates. Now we see the world from the victim, not from the outside.

Cavemen – Most of us have evolved. It took long enough, but 100,000 years has turned most of us from cavemen into homo sapiens. Except for these guys. Meet Joel, Jamie and Nick. They are cavemen who haven’t yet figured out how to evolve. So they are stuck lacking that huge gap in learning that the rest of the world has undergone. This dynamic comedy series is based off the hugely successful Geico insurance commercials and looks to be quite funny. It stars Bill English as Joel, and Nick Kroll as … Nick.

Carpoolers – Take four ordinary men, all from the same basic walk of life. They all have dreams, hopes, fears and their own personal demons. Put them together out of necessity in the modern suburbanite chaos that is the daily commute, and you have The Carpoolers. Four men who try to figure the world out as they zip up and down the carpool lane. These guys all have hidden fears that although unspoken can emerge at any time to catch them unawares, but as friends, they work to help each other out; solve problems; and try to survive. Starring Fred Goss, Jerry O’Connell, Jerry Minor, and Tim Peper.

Pushing Daisies – Once upon a time, there was a baker. He was a typical baker, renowned throughout the town for the quality of his pies. He made excellent pies. But, he was also given a gift as a child, and he uses that gift to help his friend, a PI who specializes in unsolved murder cases. How can a lowly baker help solve a murder. He has the Touch. Meet Ned, a man gifted with the power to touch a dead person and bring them back to life for a short time. Using this power to help, Ned gets the victims to name their killers so they can be brought to justice. Starring Lee Pace, Swoosie Kurtz, and Kristen Chenoworth.

Private Practice – After the runaway success of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rimes gives it another go to see if she can recreate the magic a second time. The spin-off features Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery who decides to leave Seattle Grace and go to Santa Monica to seek the advice of her friends on relationships and motherhood. They have a private practice down there, and Addison thinks that working with them might be a way to reset her own life and get on with living. Featuring an all-star cast including Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly and Taye Briggs as well as Kate Wash playing Addison, this series looks to be a worthy spin-off.

Dirty Sexy Money – It has been a long time since we Saw Dynasty and Dallas on prime-time TV. Soaps have been relegated to afternoon series for so long, we have almost forgotten the thrill of watching what happens to an atypical family undergoing massive turmoil and stress. Now, DSM seeks to become the red-headed sexy stepchild of those two legacy series. Focusing on the Darling family of New York – a family so wealthy that they are the Upper in Upper East Side. The main focus on the series is not Donald Sutherland as the Darling Patriarch, nor is it William Baldwin as the senatorial bad boy son – it focuses on Peter Krause, who plays Nick. Nicks job is to be the ultimate spin doctor, turning all of the bad press the Darlings generate into good press, to keep the family floating along the top of the river of mud that they always get mired in.

Big Shots – 4 high-powered executives, running companies, in very high upper management of big business. How do they blow off steam and voice their opinions and thoughts without having to worry about somebody using that information against them? They got to a country club and chat together. James (Michael Vartan) was about to become the latest victim of downsizing when a twist lands him in the corner office. Duncan (Dylan McDermott) runs a cosmetics firm and can’t resist the wiles of his ageless ex-wife. Karl(Josh Malina) is the lovable one, and he gets all out of whack when his wife an his mistress become best friends. Then there’s Brody(Christopher Titus). Brody is so focused on doing his wife’s bidding, her birthday is more important than his company’s well being.

Women’s Murder Club – Women working in a man’s field need to team up. So that’s just what Lt. Lindsay Boxer(Angie Harmon) does. Although she can analyze a crime scene in minutes – she is terribly frustrated by the slowness of the Justice system Men-only process. So she bypasses it, by assembling a team of a medical examiner, a reporter, and an assistant DA, she finally has the tools to do the job needed faster than the male-dominated system has seen before.

Cashmere Mafia – 4 female executives, known as the Cashmere Mafia, work together to provide a united front against the ambitious and ruthless men who dominate their workplace. Lucy Liu, Frances O’Connor, Miranda Otto, and Bonnie Somerville are the Cashmere Mafia. By discussing their problems and issues, these four Ivy-league educated women manage to keep on top of not only their overachieving husbands, but all the ambitious women below them who are always trying to topple them from their lofty perches.

Eli Stone – A high-powered corporate shark of a lawyer, Stone has been tapped to be the next visionary, literally. He begins to experience visions that change his entire perspective from winning one for the company, to helping out the little guy and making the world a much better place. Johnny Lee Miller is Eli Stone – a man who has shown that although the Legal system has made billions, now it’s time to make a Prophet.

Miss Guided – Your past always catches up to you, but can you overcome it and show yourself to be better than before? Becky Freely(Judy Greer) thought she left her teenage years behind when she comes home to her old high school as a guidance counselor. But the past catches up when her high school rival and nemesis also appears in the form of Lisa, who is also on the faculty and proves to be a thorn that Becky now has to overcome. This dynamic series is produced by Ashton Kutcher and directed by Todd Holland.


Journeyman – Dan Vasser is a man with a new purpose. Finding himself traveling into the past to right some wrongs and make some things worse than before – mistakes do happen after all. He has become a Journeyman. Starring Kevin KcKidd as our time-traveling hero, this show looks promising, if it can pull out of the shadow of Quantum Leap long enough to stand on it’s own.

Chuck – All Chuck wanted was to play his video games, find a girl who would appreciate him, and have pizza parties with his buds. When he gets an email from an old friend who works for the CIA, suddenly he finds himself with The greatest Spy Secrets from the entire world implanted into his brain. Chuck never wanted to be the country’s secret weapon, but now the fate of the Free world is in his unlikely hands. Zachary Levi is Chuck.

Bionic Woman – A re-imagining of the classic series by David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) The series focuses on Jamie Summers, a struggling bartender and waitress who is working to support both herself and her teenage sister. A car accident leaves her in a critical fading condition, and only cutting edge technology can save her. She unwittingly becomes the Bionic Woman. Starring Michelle Ryan as Jamie Summers, this series reinvents the classic with the same skill that was used with Battlestar Galactica to make it a sleeper hit of the millennium. The pilot also guest stars Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar.

Life – When Detective Charlie Crews was put away for a crime he didn’t commit. He resolved to make the best of a bad situation. Now, his sentence lifted and repealed, he is able to get his job back, but after serving a life sentence, he returns with a whole new perspective on law enforcement. Starring Damian Lewis as Charlie and Sarah Shahi as his jaded new partner Dani Reese, this series seeks to show us that life is truly what you make it.

The Singing Bee – Take a contestant, and challenge them to sing a contemporary song, and keep it up when the band stops. See what happens as normal people compete to see who can win the Singing Bee.

Baby Borrowers – A reality TV show with a warning and a twist – teenagers, don’t grow up too fast. 5 teenage couples who want to become parents are tossed into the deep end. Given a house and all the responsibilities along with it, they are also given a range of children to watch over, from a toddler, preteen, teenager, and even a senior citizen. Can these couples survive this twist on planned parenthood and remain together, or will they break?

The IT crowd – if only life was as easy as a computer. You can’t just reboot or turn it off. Meet Roy and Moss. Two members of the IT department of a very large corporation. They have no social skills to speak of, and to them, a good time out is getting snazzed up for the latest podcast. Everything about their carefully crafted lives changed when they get Jen, their new manager who is determined to bring these two into the light of day and make them into social climbers. Featuring Joel McHale, Richard Ayoade, and Jessica St. Clair.

Lipstick Jungle – Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price star in a series dramedy about three women determined to stay at the top – no matter what. They aren’t looking for Mr. Big – they are Ms. Big. These three women do their best to balance work and life, sharing their dreams and heartaches as they balance everything at the top of the Big Apple. Lipstick Jungle is created by the team that brought us Sex and The city.

World Moves – From executive producer Randy Jackson, World Moves will bring thousands of teams from around the world to LA to compete against each other and perform for a panel of judges to show who is the best dance troupe in the entire world. Every week, anybody can vote from anywhere, by email, text or phone and at the end, one dance troupe will be crowned the world’s best.


The Big Bang Theory – Meet Leonard and Sheldon. Two brainy geeks with one thing in common – no luck with romance. Then comes Penny into the mix. A pretty girl fresh off a messy breakup. She is going to help these guys become lucky in love, even if that love is her own. Starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Pearsons, and Kaley Cuoco.

Cane – Jimmy Smits is back as the newly empowered head of the Duque family’s Sugar Cane and Rum empire. CBS is bringing a fully Latin team to primetime soap opera with this dynamic series that looks at the intrigue, romance and wealth in a cutthroat business that has been around for centuries.

Kid Nation – A new reality TV show that puts a twist in the gnre. Take 40 kids and set them up in a deserted town in New Mexico. Let them make their own rules and award the best kid each week with a Gold Star. Can the kids make a better world that their parents or other grown-ups?

Moonlight – 60 years ago, Mick St. John died and was reborn, a vampire made new by his bride on their wedding night. Now he works two jobs, by day being romantically involved with a lovely mortal, and when the moon rises, dealing with the undead horrors that pursue him and threaten his city. As the saying goes, some things are better left undead. For Mick St. John, this is all too true. Starring Alex O’Loughlin as Mick.

Viva Laughlin – Executive producer Hugh Jackman from Xmen’s wolverine comes to primetime with this series based on the highly successful BBC series viva Blackpool. Ripley Holden’s lifelong dream is to open a casino. Instead of setting up in Reno or Las Vegas, he decides upon the sleepy town of Laughlin, Nevada as the site for his Casino. Fraught with uncertainty over pulling in the crowds and the townspeople themselves who are not all that impressed, Viva Laughlin shows one man’s journey in pursuit of the American Dream. Starring Lloyd Owen and Madchen Amick, with DB Woodside and Hugh Jackman making cameo appearances.


K-Ville – Set in New Orleans two years after hurricane Katrina, K-Ville is produced by Jonathan Lisco, and focuses on the valiant police who stood at their posts during and after hurricane. Doing their best to maintain order amid the chaos that still reigns. K-Ville stars Anthony Anderson, Cole Hauser, Maximiliano Hernández, Blake Shields, Tawney Cypress and John Carroll Lynch.

Anchorwoman – This is a new twist – an old concept, failing TV station brings in stunner new anchorwoman to boost ratings. The interesting twist is the stars don’t play other people – they play themselves. No false names, this is them. Starring Lauren Jones, Phil Hurley, Annalisa Petraglia, Dan Delgado, Michelle Reese.

Back To You – Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are together in a new comedy from Fox and Stephen Levitan. In the 90’s Chuck Darling and Kelly Carr made Pittsburgh local TV their domain. But, things change, Chuck moved on to fail at his next career move when Youtube posted a video of an off-air tirade. Now he’s back, and if he can get over the rivalries with Kelly, maybe they can recreate the magic of the 90’s and bring their station back to the top.

Canterbury’s Law – Take a rebellious attorney determined to take on the system and change it for the better. Put her together with her Law Scholar husband, and assemble a team of rebels and cast-offs who have everything to offer the right leader, and you have Canterbury’s Law. A new take on courtroom drama where the legal system is about to get rewritten, because when it comes to Law, Canterbury makes it, or breaks it. Starring Julianna Margulies as Elizabeth Canterbury, as well as Linus Roache, Ben Shenkman, , Trieste Dunn, and Jocko Sims.

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – After Hell’s Kitchen Ramsay will return with an American version of the successful British series. Give Gordon a week and a failing restaurant, and he’ll turn it around, no excuses. We all know the temper of one of the world’s top chefs. Now see him in unscripted action as he turns a failing restaurant into a four or five star phenomenon in a week.

Nashville – A new documentary-style soap opera set in Nashville. Where dreams are sung and failures stand out louder than success. Behind very song there is a story, and Nashville will show many of those stories.

New Amsterdam – Set in modern-Day New York, this series focuses on a man made immortal by Native American magic back in 1642. Now he and the city are one, he feels it’s pain and can solve crimes committed within it’s borders like no other. He is John Amsterdam. Starring Nikolaj Coster Waldau(Kingdom of Heaven) as John Amsterdam, Zuleikha Robinson(Rome) as Eva Marquez, Alexie Gilmore(Find Love) as Dr. Sara Dillane, and Stephen Henderson(Law and Order: SVU) as Omar.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles – With the end of T2 – we were left with Sarah and John on the run from society. Knowing that Skynet would not stop, and having to find their own way in a vastly more complicated world than when this all began. This series explains the events that occurred between T2 and T3 – and in some ways reinvents the franchise in a new and dynamic direction. Starring Lena Headly as Sarah Conner and Thomas Dekker as John, the cast is rounded out by Richard T Jones as an FBI agent who is converted to their cause, and Summer Glau as a student at John’s school who is not at all what she seems.

The Search for The Next Great American Band – American Idol for groups has finally come to Primetime TV. A reality competition that will whittle down to 10 finalists who will then compete for votes until here is only 1 left who will get a major recording deal and the chance to become a musical superstar. Any band will do, can you make the cut?

The Rules For Starting Over – What do you do when your marriage ends, you try again. This comedy features Craig Bierko(Boston Legal) as Gator, Rashida Jones(The Office) as Kate, Johnny Sneed(The Guardian) as Tommy and Shaun Majumder(Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) as Freddy
When Women Rule The world – A new reality TV show that puts a group of alpha men into a subservient role to a group of women. Week after week one man will be eliminated until only one man remains, the one who can best allow himself to be led by the women. Can a group of women work together to ensure they can lead effectively?

The CW

Aliens in America – High School is tough enough, imagine how tough it is for a Pakistani exchange student in Wisconsin.

CW Now – A half-hour newsmagazine focusing on the 18-24 crowd and featuring the best the net and the world has to offer.

Online Nation – With the explosion in user-generated content available on the net, everybody has their chance at 15 minutes of fame nowadays. Online nation pulls the best user-created content and features it in a funny irreverent weekly series that shows the best that the net has to offer.

Life Is Wild – Take a New York blended family headed by a wildlife vet, put them in the middle of a wildlife preserve in South Africa for a year, and see what happens.

Reaper – Sam had it easy until he turned 21 and learned his parents made a deal with the devil himself. Sam’s soul is owned by Satan and the Devil wants his due. Sam becomes Reaper, Satan’s bounty hunter, ridding the world of evil souls that have escape and need to be pulled back to hell. Kevin Smith of Clerks fame is behind this newly creative series.

Gossip Girl – From the creative mind of Josh Schwartz comes a new series based on a highly successful young adult novel series. Who is Gossip Girl and how does she know all the juicy details on everybody’s personal lives?

Crowned: The Mother of all Pagents – Featuring a group of mother-daughter teams, this 8 episode reality TV series will focus in the rivalries in one of the most competitive fields out there – beauty pagents.

Farmer Wants a Wife – Based on the UK series, take 10 women from the big city and put them into a farm life setting as they vie for the affections of a successful but lonely farmer. Can they find love in the country?