Fall TV – Fox K-Ville First Impressions

Originally Published Through Yahoo Voices

Watched the first episode of Kville tonight. First impressions … it felt like just another cop show. Not to say the material wasn’t interesting, focussing on the police who stood their ground amid the chaos after the hurricane certainly makes for a compelling storyline.

The show began with the aftermath of Katrina, showing the police struggling trying to pull people out of their roofs and attics during the flooding and also the chaos and how it got to one officer, who then fled the scene, leaving his partner to stand to his duty.

Then flipping forward 2 years to present time showing the officers of the New Orleans Police Force as a different group. A loyal group who have been through hell, because they have witnessed it with their own eyes.

The episode focussed on a Casino boss and his daughter, who ended up being corrupt. Also, the Casino Dad may end up also being corrupt, but not this episode, possibly a future episode or story arc. The daughter is putting on benefit concerts for the Lower 9th which was hit hardest during the flooding. However, she had an ulterior motive, and had hired a group of mercenaries to pot-shot the benefit concerts to terrorise the populace into selling their houses and fleeing. Then she could buy up all the land at fire sale prices.

When a popular singer is gunned down, it brings the main characters into the hunt, as they are there during the first shooting.

We see police on the edge, and also somewhat over the edge; as one officer suspends. then dunks a man overboard with his hands tied to get information, then leaves him to drown or not – at the grace of his partner. Then, this same officer attacks his partner and they have a near knock-down fight as they begin to realise not everything is as it seems in New Orleans.

With explosions, gunfights, car chases, fireworks, a little bit of t & a, and all sorts of other elements, KVille is an enjoyable romp – is it worth continuing to watch – that I am not too sure of. With so mjuch coming on the TV in the next few weeks I think that although Kville has a strong start, it may simple get overwhelmed by the other shows coming out and get left by the wayside. Time will tell.