Kanye West Vs. Taylor Swift

Originally Published Through Yahoo Voices
What’s Up with Kanye These Days?

New York City, 1 am – The Bowery Ballroom. Kanye West takes to the stage to promote his new album. During his surprise performance, the 33 yr Old Rapper went into a tirade against Taylor Swift and Matt Lauer about the way He had been treated by both the 20 yr old Country/Pop star, and the Today Show host.
So what is up with Kanye? The way he flips from apology to attack, back to apology makes me think he must be up to something other than blatant promotion of his own career.

After his brutal interruption for Taylor’s first Pop Music award, an award she will never again be able to claim as first, he said that he ‘Bled hard’ and that he was very sorry for what he had done.

But, his actions after that have indicated a shift in attention. He received a lot of press over the 2009 incident, not all of it negative, but a lot of Kanye headlines for a good few months were all over the industry.

Kanye claimed that Taylor never came to his defense at any interview… Why should she? She was the one who had her moment taken by a belligerent self-important Rapper who felt he needed the limelight. She did nothing wrong, he interrupted her moment for his own self-important promotion.She does not have to apologize for anything. In fact, she has forgiven him, and wrote it out in a song to help purge the incident from her memory and move forward.

Kanye also claimed that Taylor Swift rode the waves generated by the incident to promote her own talent and ability. If that is the case, then there are a lot more closet country/Pop listeners who act like they love Gangsta Rap but secretly covet singers like Taylor’s ballads and love songs.

Being a father, I feel this sounds more like an early teen trying to get the attention of a pretty girl than an adult acting responsibly. I see this behavior in the schoolyards during recess and lunchtime. Boys who like girls will bug and tease them terribly so that the girls notice them, and sometimes it works, the girl becomes a friend. More often than not, though, the children dislike each other and the incidents continue until a parent or teacher has to step in to stop it.

Maybe Kanye wants Taylor … perhaps he has a hankering for 20 yr old Girl-next-door types, and feels by cutting her down and taking the wind out of her sails she might perhaps notice him enough to become friendly towards him.

Sorry Kanye West – this is no schoolyard, you’re not 12, and I really do not think Taylor would consider you her type. Maybe you should stick to writing Gangsta Rap songs and leave other artists who don’t even compete against you well enough alone.