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Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Others Give Up Social Networking

Everybody knows that Lady Gaga, the pop sensation has one of the largest twitter followings, estimates at more than 7.2 million. As of Dec 1st, She’s not tweeting any more. Nor is she facebooking. Neither is Justin Timberlake, or Usher, or Ryan Seacrest, or even Elijah Wood. Where have all these celebrities gone? 

Alicia Keys has organised all of these celebrities to voluntarily give up all social networking until $1 million has been raised for Alicia’s charity organization ‘Keep A Child Alive’. An organization dedicated to providing for the millions of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.

Each celebrity will tweet or post a ‘Digital Death’ or ‘Last Tweet and Testament’ and will sign back on as soon as their digital lives have been bought back, with the financial goal of $1 million being raised.

The movement is making a strong statement about public interest and apathy. Why does the public care so much about the death of a single celebrity when there are hundreds of thousands of children starving and dying every day?

When we consider that the followers of Lady Gaga alone, if each donated a paltry $1 would beat the financial goal within a few hours, putting the combined force of all these names together makes for a very powerful movement completely created by Social Media.

Other Celebrities involved are Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Serena Williams, Dave LaChapelle, among others.

Alicia tested this a couple of years back, when during an appearance on ‘American Idol’, she made a plea. Within 4 minutes she had raised over half a million dollars. The process works, and it should grab the attention of everybody very quickly.

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