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The Social 50 Rates the Top 50 Artists as Combined for Their Social Media Popularity

Billboards’ Hot New Social 50 has gone live.
Using a combined score from social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, iLike, Youtube, and Twitter, the Social 50 looks at overall page views, new friend/follower adds, and song plays to come out with a combined weighted score to rank the artists into the most popular 50.

As Billboard Charts Director Silvio Pietroluongo says ‘The Chart is a logical complement to Billboard’s other popularity rankings.’

In terms of Social Media this gives fans another way to track both their performer’s popularity but also the popularity of other performers who they may not have been exposed to. So a Fan of Rihanna, for example (# 1) may now look also to the other artists in the top 5 (#2 Justin Bieber, #3 Eminem, #4 Lady Gaga, or #5 Niki Minaj) and expand their musical enjoyment.

The Social 50 is not just American Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop either; Colombian Superstar Shakira is #10 on the chart. and Spanish Pop sensation Enrique Iglesias starts at #19.

This new chart covers all artists, all genres, living and dead. Michael Jackson begins at position #12 , with Bob Marley sitting at #24.

Even TV gets into it, with the cast of Glee sitting pretty at #25.

The technology behind the chart was provided by Social Music Tracking Service Next Big Sound, which compiled and supplied the data to Billboard for the chart, and which will continue to provide a weekly feed of up-to-date social rankings for the top 50 artists and/or groups. The formula includes weighted scores based on both raw page views, and also page views between friends and followers, such as retweets and shares.

As quoted by Next Big Sound CEO Alex White, “The volume of online activity that top artists now receive is too big to ignore. We are thrilled that social music activity now receives the same emphasis as the music charts for which Billboard is synonymous.”

Musical rating and review has finally realized that social Media is rapidly catching up and may overtake most other forms of popularity and review fairly soon. Let’s hope this trend continues and we see more integration and drawing upon the resource of Social Media to improve our understanding of this developing trend.

Check out the new ranking chart for yourself here

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