My First eBook

I have re-published my first eBook with Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. This is a work of darkly humorous fiction set within a dystopian future world, where both Magic and Technology have come together to form a complex multi-faceted world full of Corporate Intrigue, big business Interests, Gang warfare, and everyday people caught up in a battle for their lives.

This is the world of Diablo and Jack, two individuals trying to survive in the New World Order.

I was forced to modify this work as it violated copyrights held by Topps Company, namely Shadowrun, and they insisted that I take the first copy down as it was infringing upon their copyrights.

This copy retains all the content, however it has removed all names and relations to the Shadowrun universe, and is now set in a generic magic returned future world. same dark humour, just no copyright infringement.