Upcoming Projects

I am currently working hard to reduce my stress so that I can focus on my work better, and have found one way to do so is to write, so I have begun a number of different eBook writing projects to keep me occupied and help me to focus and reduce my overall stress levels.

  • Girls of Vancouver, Glamour and Bondage – is a tell-all eBook I am writing that details the history of a Vancouver based pinup bondage website that I had developed and hosted for nearly 6 years until it failed 2 years ago. I am maintaining the anonymity of the other people involved, however the book will be quite juicy and full of details of how a website is built, maintained, and why this one failed after almost 6 years of operation. Publishing now
  • The Care and Feeding of eBikes – another eBook I am writing that details the ongoing maintenance and overhaul work I am doing on my Gio eBike. This book will contain details on how to re[paint an eBike, how to maintain the tires, tubes, chain and other mechanical parts, and also how to do general maintenance of the scooters to ensure they are kept in top flight condition.
  • Star Trek Online for Casual Players – an eBook I am in the early stages of writing that will detail the only game I can find the time to play and really enjoy. this eBook will detail how I play the game, how I level up with only putting a small amount of time into each session, and how to get the biggest rewards for the smallest impact. It will cover the three playable factions currently in-game; Federation, Klingon, and Romulan.

That’s all on my plate for now, it keeps me occupied and allows me to focus so that I can channel my stress out and work on getting back to normal.


Until next time,

Tim Morrison

“We were the Borg, you should have been assimilated. Resistance is no longer Futile. You have brought us kittens.”