Girls Of Vancouver – The Rise and Fall of

Edit: I have received a DCMA takedown notice , most likely perpetrated by Uncle M, or by the photographer who took the images. Regardless, even though I have written authority to use the images I have to promote the website, I have complied and removed all published works from both Kobo and Amazon. I will not bring my publishing platforms into a knock-down drag-out fight that I am most likely going to have with Mr ‘M’, who I am preparing to publicly challenge on Facebook for his theft, dishonesty, and apathy towards both his loyal customers ,who he stole money off of, to me, for his refusal to pay for the website hosting for almost six months, and to his own goals, which he just tossed aside in favor of the almighty dollar.

It has been a year since the failure and closing of due to a loss of interest by it’s principal owner, Uncle M. I have stored images and all of the text content from the site, ensuring that the 6 years of content have not been lost, and can somehow be saved for historical purposes.

My contract with Uncle M allowed me to republish the digital images as I needed to to promote and publicize the websites. I feel that since the websites are now deleted and have not been restored on the internet, I am now able to publicize the images and text to promote what had once been a strong and growing community of people who enjoyed looking at quality images of women in glamorous pinup poses as well as clothed bondage poses. Uncle M had a solid policy of no nudity, and he kept to that, until the end.

Here are the electronic books that I have now published that detail the 6 year history of the Brandi bondage and pinup bondage empire, it’s rise and subsequent fall. this way, the massive content and photo set contents have not been lost, and can still be enjoyed by those who are interested in this type of material.
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