The Rock is Published

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The first work in my Center Worlds universe has been published with Smashwords. This novella details a mining adventure with the intrepid crew of the Rebel’s Cause. this novella is in between major events within the much larger Confederacy/Frontier cycle that myself and Shaun Streeter are working on.

Background – The Center Worlds is a collaborative work between myself and Shaun Streeter. It was begun in 1993 and we have continued to work on it in between moves both large and small and international. It details a pocket of inhabited planets much closer to the galactic core which were colonized thousands of millennia ago by a species known as Mesotra. This has been in a quest for them to defend against as as-yet unnamed mortal enemy. To this end, they seeded the Center Worlds with Homo Habilis stock from Earth and allowed them to evolve on their own, thus populating the Center Worlds.

As with most Space Adventure / Opera style work; there is rebellion, fighting, romance, politics, intrigue, betrayal, Fleet Battles, shootouts, sword fighting, monsters, aliens, and all sorts of things that make up a good read.

We are going to begin building up the Center Worlds elements as a subset of this site, so if you like the story, stay tuned – there’s a lot more to come.

Tim Morrison

Read The Rock Here