What is The Center Worlds?

My first and greatest work is this self-designed universe.

A Science Fiction series set in a galactic cluster much closer to the Core from Earth. Where the Confederacy and the United Suns are at odds over territory and the people who inhabit the region. Clan Camelin fights to keep the Confederacy together from within as different Clans fight to tear it apart.

The T’Ressi from the United Suns sit outside, waiting for their chance to strike. Piracy is rife in the Buffer Zone that separates the Confederacy from the United Suns, a region known as the Frontier. Pirates strike deep within the Confederacy, attacking liners and transports and dodging back to the relative safety of the United Suns space, where they are protected by treaty.

The Confederacy is all Honor and rigid duty. Military strategy is focused on Large strategic strikes, rather than small tactical moves, backed up by 12 mighty battle cruisers.

The Clans fight among themselves for honor and propriety. Clan wars kill people and sterilize worlds, slowly weakening the Confederacy so that the United Suns can move in when the time is right.

And, just to really complicate things, on the outskirts of the Center Worlds, a cloud of darkness moves core wards, leaving desolate waste behind it.

Epic romance, brutal violence, explicit sex, star ship battles across planetary systems, planets under siege, Piracy, romance, true love, loss and recovery. It is all here, contained within the Center Worlds.

The first proper eBook in the series, ‘The Fall of Desinlo’ is currently working it’s way through the approval process and a link will be supplied shortly when it goes live. The next books in order should be ‘Clanwar – Camelin and Michelab’, ‘Pirate – The Life of Willem Hyens’, and ‘Aya – Palace Life’ which will all be released on a monthly schedule as they are all nearing completion and will be ready to produce, once I can figure out cover art for each one.

For those who have already downloaded and enjoyed The Rock, this is the full story behind that universe. The lives, loves and loss that is contained within a pocket of honour, structure, rebellion and manipulation swirling around the core of our galaxy. If you have not yet read The Rock, I encourage you to go nab a copy, as it is free, by clicking this link.