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August 1, 2014 |

History – Giarda

The History of the Taran Confederacy is rife with violence, betrayal, and intrigue. None more so than the history of the Institute of Higher Learning located on the arboreal world of Giarda. More than two thousand cycles prior, Giarda had been settled by a coalition of Clans and their T’Ressi allies. The world was peaceful, […]

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Technology – Tachyon Pulse Immersion

Within the Center Worlds, power is everything. Power provides the motive force, propulsive energy, weapons potential, everything that can move or be moved requires power. The Confederacy holds the balance of mobile power sources with the reactors that primarily drive the TGX battlecruisers. The T’Ressi strive to capture this dynamic power source because they have […]

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Technology – Neospace

Within the region of space known as The Center Worlds, Faster Than Light travel is common and takes on two forms. The commonly available Neospace drive, and the Confederacy controlled Vortex reactor. Neospace was developed by the T’Ressi more than a hundred thousand cycles in the past and during a period of trade, became the […]

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Quiet but not gone

I’ve been busy. Busy writing up a storm I’m done now, back to the normal flow of things, with a twist. I have produced a screenplay, located at http://studios.amazon.com/projects/54729 and am currently seeing if Amazon is interested before I do any more work on completing the eBook this is based upon. Military fiction, but not science fiction, […]

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