Technology – Neospace

Within the region of space known as The Center Worlds, Faster Than Light travel is common and takes on two forms. The commonly available Neospace drive, and the Confederacy controlled Vortex reactor.

Neospace was developed by the T’Ressi more than a hundred thousand cycles in the past and during a period of trade, became the dominant drive system for the entire Center Worlds. Despite wars and conflicts, certain things are constantly being traded, one of them is developments with Neospace technology.

Neospace is defined as a region just above normal 3-space in dimensional physics. It can be reached with a specific energy signature and wavicle projected around the hull of the ship, which allows it to slide into the Neospace realm and then travel at faster than light speeds while still being within the 3-space region.

Neospace drives have six speed factors that are available. Some of which are such high energy, only military vessels can achieve them.

Neospace 1 1 parsec/day 2.4 SPU any
Neospace 2 2 parsec/day 3.6 SPU any
Neospace 3 4 parsec/day 5.4 SPU any
Neospace 4 8 parsec/day 7.2 SPU commercial
Neospace 5 16 parsec/day 9.0 SPU military
Neospace 6 32 parsec/day 11.2 SPU military

Neospace drives work by energizing the cerametallic hulls of the ships to allow them to slip upwards dimensionally into the Neospace realm. The realm is a viscous realm of hyperspatial particles that act like a thick syrup in regards to resistance. As a ship travels through the realm, it leaves a passage that slowly infills with the particles. More ships travelling the same route leave a longer time for the particles to refill the void, making an easier passage for other ships to travel. A ship that follows a defined path can save as much as half the normal energy expenditure because of the lack of particle resistance.

The paths are commonly called Neospace pipes or Neospace tunnels, and are known to navigators as well as being able to be detected by navigational sensors by their entry and exit points.

The amount of power required is based upon the energy required to move one tonne of mass into and out of the Neospace realm, commonly referred to as Standard Power Units.

The different speeds are available as different drive systems and ratings. The last two, Neospace 5 and 6, are restricted to only Military vessels, while Neospace 4 is commonly only available to commercial ships due to it’s power requirement. The first three are available to private vessels as they commonly can be accessed using standard power plants available for private use on spacecraft.

Neospace can be harnessed at it’s most basic by using three cylindrical carbon rods which have a central core of carbon crystal that is energized by plasma from the drive reactors. The rods would run the length of the hull so the energy field can radiate out to encompass the hull and conduct the energy to allow the transit. Depending on the purity and smoothness of the carbon rod over it’s length, the energy field is sustained for hours or days. Once the energy field becomes unstable it begins to ripple the carbon rods in micro ruptures, which causes the field to become more and more unstable until the ship propagates out of Neospace. Before the field can be safely energized, the rods must be polished to a micrometer smoothness again, to allow the field to propagate.

Larger ships use superconducting wave guides to carry the energy from the main reactor to the hull and can sustain Neospace propulsion for weeks or months at a time before needing to drop out for alignment.

Neospace translates from the T’Ressi term for higher dimensions which can loosely be written as Nah’raoMnd’ous Shpac’al Phenam’non. It was developed during a time of rapid expansion when they were experimenting with ways of breaking the light speed barrier and the Neospace effect was initially mistaken as a force shield side effect. It was initially described as an inertia reducing field, but experimentation soon detailed that the ships using this could rapidly jump vast distances in less time than light would travel.