Technology – Tachyon Pulse Immersion

Within the Center Worlds, power is everything. Power provides the motive force, propulsive energy, weapons potential, everything that can move or be moved requires power. The Confederacy holds the balance of mobile power sources with the reactors that primarily drive the TGX battlecruisers.

The T’Ressi strive to capture this dynamic power source because they have all the other components for their own battle fleet, but no power source they have developed can both drive the ships, charge shields, and supply enough power to the weapons to make their ships even a close comparison to the TGX battlecruiser.

The Confederacy was supplied with prototypes for the Tachyon Pulse Immersion reactor more than two thousand cycles ago, and worked to incorporate them into their infrastructure. It took more than a hundred cycles to even understand what actually powered the immense devices, but once that was determined, real development began in earnest.

A Tachyon Pulse Immersion reactor uses a nuclear fusion reaction to energize it. Fusion is initiated using a magnetic pinch on streams of deuterium fuel that is carried on the ship or supplied close to the reactor., Once the fusion process has sparked and is generating positive power, then that hot plasma is fed into the Tachyon Pulse Immersion reactor chamber to prime the Tachyon field. As plasma pressure builds, the walls of the reactor begin to produce random Tachyon bursts from the complex molecular level wave guides layered through the shell. Once pressure has hit the T-level, the reactor fully ignites, drawing tachyons from hyperspace for microseconds into 3-space, dumping huge amounts of energy, then the tachyons fade back into hyperspace, leaving room for more to draw down and discharge.

At no time do the tachyons actually slow down below the light speed barrier, but the local speed of light within the reactor shell is increased enough that tachyons can propagate through it, dump energy, then leave the shell and continue along their way.

By dumping their energy into the plasma envelope, they raise the ambient temperature, and this temperature differential is harnessed by thermocouples and converted into the large electrical potential that is needed by the Confederacy Capital ships to provide propulsion, weapons, and shielding without having to be concerned about power balancing.

Thus, Confederacy Capital ships can provide full propulsion, enabling them to move at maximum speed, have full energy shielding raised, and be able to charge and fire their main batteries, all without having to transfer power from one system to another.