Back to Basics

Time to get back to the basics of what we do and what I do.

I write, I design, I develop, and I dream. Morristreet is part of that as it allows me to help clients with their needs and develop my skills along with my associates in the UK to produce websites for customers that are different and yet the same as other sites out there. We don’t go for unique websites that will make a fast ‘wow’ impression and then fade away. We go for commercial designs that have the information needed and the design required to find an audience and to keep that audience as we add content, market links via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and keep the site growing and constant.

What we have not done yet, but are now going to begin to branch into, is physical marketing. Not only an online presence, but a physical presence also. Advertising in various forms; Billboards, trailers, vinyl lettering, logo design, Sign design and assembly. Illuminated signage and pylon signs. All aspects of physical marketing that we have woefully forgotten about but are going to get back into.

We can do it, just haven’t pushed the markets to see who needs it and whether they need it done better than the competition. With 15 years of Industrial Graphic design and background in signage and sign making, we have the experience to develop a physical presence as dynamic as the online one we already build for our clients.

Over the next few months we will be publishing a series of articles on different methods of not only physical marketing, but how it is made, how it works, and how it can benefit clients as well as benefit a business to use these methods.

Physical marketing is as much of an art form as web based marketing, and it requires some of the same skills, but also a different skill set to envision the right look for the client and then how to make that look come to life to promote and pay for itself with increased coverage and sales so that it makes the expense and investment worthwhile.

So over the next little while, let’s just see what can be done to enlighten the markets as to what Morristreet Commercial Online Marketing can really do.