Is Cashblurbs really worth it, or something completely different?

Cashblurbs – a method of promoting your products, affiliate links, and websites… Easily, instantly, and virally. It truly is fun, fast, and FREE!

Or so they say…

However, is this the one true thing that will get the money rolling in? Or is it just one in a million other schemes to pull in unsuspecting wannabe marketers to part with their money and keep giving Cashblurbs money for ‘nothing’

The first ting you need to realize is that Cashblurbs is a type of MLM or Multi-Level Marketing program. For you to use Cashblurbs you will be allowing other members to cross-promote on your feed so you can promote. Therefore, the ladder begins to climb.

To use Cashblurbs effectively, you need to be able to write catchy quick headlines that can grab attention and draw in the audience. If you can do that, then this program will most likely work for you. Otherwise, you’ll be burning time and energy on a program that won’t give results you want, need, or expect.

This video promotes Cashblurbs and talks about all of it’s benefits.

From what I have seen and discovered, Cashblurbs is a real deal. Unlike other programs out there, it does drive your product into the arms of potentially hundreds or thousands of customers. As long as you can write the blurb.

As always, make your own determination, as in all things, you get no reward without putting in some work for it. For Cashblurbs, writing good taglines or blurbs can really make your posts spiral.