Debunking The Myth – Alkaline Water Ionizers

Welcome to the Morristreet Page on Debunking The Myths about Alkaline water and Water Ionizers. This page is meant as a companion to the ebook currently available on Amazon that details the truths and misleading information on the health Benefits to Alkalized water and Water Ionizers.

For those who still wish to purchase one of these machines, after reading my book and doing your own research, I am providing a link to properly designed and low cost Water Ionizers that can supply you with healthy filtered and ionized water at a significant fraction of the price of the so called ‘Gold Standard’ water systems.

Please note, by no means does Morristreet or any of it’s Authors confirm or represent any of the companies involved in Alkaline Ionized Water filtration systems. We do not guarantee that this technology will work for a consumer, nor do we agree with any of the health claims provided by the companies involved. We are simply working to provide an affordable option for those who are being drawn in by Multi-Level Marketing schemes and dealers who promote very expensive products that do the same job as a much more economical product.

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