lifetime Website Hosting

If you have reached this page, then you have stumbled upon a special deal only for new customers.

Morristreet is proud to announce that we have secured a very special web hosting deal, along with a small supply of SSL certificates to ensure the web site is fully compliant with the next Google Chrome update in early October.

This deal is only in effect until September 30th.

Any new customer signing up with us can get hosting for their website for a one-time price of $200 +tax. This is a one-time charge. No other monthly or yearly charges will be applied to the website. This is lifetime hosting. One charge, no other hosting charges for the website.

The servers we have secured are considered to be hacker proof. They are fully secured and do not have external access to the files contained. We do not offer remote FTP access, so updates to the websites will be done on an as needed basis by our trained staff for a small fee.

We will also supply you with a fully secured SSL certificate at no extra cost for the first year. A savings of $120.

Contact us to see if your website is suitable for our Lifetime web hosting deal.